Packbridge aims to build bridges between academia and the industry.

New research and development projects are continuously launched and others are finalised at our universities and research institutions. You might not be aware of them but some of them have a potential to change the way we see packaging.

This work is very often unknown to the industry as the knowledge stays within the academic world. Packbridge wants to change this by providing a platform that links academia to the industry.
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Do you want to share your research with the decision makers within the food and packaging industry?

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Since 2012 we have annually staged an inspirational conference where universities and research organisations have presented their latest packaging related research. We introduce inspiring speakers representing European universities and research organisations to the audience. Normally more than 150 people from the industry are present to take part of the presentations and workshops.

If you missed the conference last year, you can get access to all the presentations on video when you register for Packbridge Research Forum 2017 on the 23rd of May.

Network pavilion

As a participant, you will get access to a variety of interesting packaging related research from leading universities, both from the Nordics and from abroad. Packbridge Research Forum provides a unique update on where packaging research is and what we can expect from the future.

This year’s focus will be on the latest trends within consumer behaviour, smart and intelligent packaging developments, food safety and waste,  nanotechnology implications for packaging and the latest research within bioplastics.


Call for papers

At this conference, we want to address packaging related opportunities all along the value chain. This means that we are interested in a wide range of research topics spanning from design thinking to business development, from industrial automation to the effects of digitalization, and from the latest within sustainable material development to smart and intelligent packaging.

Do you want to share your research with decision makers within the food and packaging industry?

Please contact Felix Helander before the 28th of February 2017 for more information.