Program Packbridge Research Forum 2017, May 23th Studio, Malmö

We are looking forward to a full day of exciting research projects, starting at 08.30 and we will be finished by 17.00.


08:30 – Registration

A Cellulose-Based Society
– Marco Lucisano, Director for Papermaking and Packaging at RISE Bioeconomy

Biobased packaging material for food
– Peter Muranyi, Senior Scientist and Business Unit Manager for Food, Fraunhofer

Corrugated board research at RISE
– Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp, Senior Project Manager at RISE Bioeconomy, Papermaking & Packaging, Section Packaging Science.

10:30 – Networking break

The possibilities with Thermoplastic Cellulose Plastics
– Mr Jouni Lattu, Key Account Manager, VTT Finland

Biodegradable biopolymer films for packaging of fresh produce.
– Stanislav Landa, Professor,  DTI Packaging

STEPS towards a sustainable future of plastics
– Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Program Director Prof. Lund University,

12:30 – Lunch and networking break

Internet of Things: Opportunities and challenges for the packaging industry
– Paul Davidsson, Professor of Computer Science, Malmö University

Surface modification, surface functionalization and liquid repellence
– Mikko Tuominen, project manager, RISE Bioscience, Materials and Surfaces.

Innovative packaging development that contributes to a sustainable development
– Helén Williams, senior lecturer in Environment and Energy systems, Karlstad university.

15:00 – Networking break

Managing packaging design for sustainable development
– Annika Olsson & Daniel Hellström, Professors, Lund University


End of program.