Annika Lindström, RISE Bioeconomy / Human Product Interaction

Annika Lindström, RISE Bioeconomy / Human Product Interaction

Food waste, materials and recycling from a consumer perspective

Annika will present consumer insights from different research studies. She will talk about the usefulness of involving the consumer perspective in packaging development. Areas that will be covered are how food waste can be reduced with packaging design, consumer perceptions of different materials, the role of recyclability and last but not least the importance of communication to consumers.


Annika Lindström works at the Swedish research institute RISE and is a PhD student at Stockholm University. Her background is in psychology with focus in human perception, human behavior and usability. Insights from these areas are used to develop different products and packaging. Annika has a special interest in how packaging can help consumers to reduce food waste.


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6 April, 2018