Fredrik Wikström – Karlstad University

Fredrik Wikström – Karlstad University
Fredrik Wikström will present his and Helene William report in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. “Packaging Strategies that Save Food – A Research Agenda for 2030″


Fredrik Wikström is an Associate Professor in Environment and Energy systems at Karlstad university. His research encompasses a wide range of sustainability issues, including systems ecology, future studies, bioenergy systems and packaging. Fredrik’s mission is to understand how technology that contributes to a sustainable development can be made more attractive for consumers than existing solutions. Together with his colleague Helèn Williams, he has during the last decade established a research platform to understand how packaging can reduce food waste. They have made two major contributions. Firstly, they have used a service perspective to identify packaging attributes that influence if consumer waste food or not. Secondly, they have developed theories and empirical examples of the trade-off between more packaging and less food waste. Their articles can be found at:


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21 March, 2018