Helén Williams – Karlstad University

Helén Williams – Karlstad University
During this year’s conference you’ll be able to take part in a Workshop led by Helén Williams, Karlstad University and Annika Olsson, Lund University.
During the workshop you’ll evaluate how different packaging attributes can help consumers to reduce food waste for different kinds of products.
In order to design food packaging that help consumers to reduce food waste, we need to learn more about how packaging attributes like date labeling, communication, opening, recycling and emptying affect food waste for different products. An innovative packaging design for less food waste needs to take into account that products like rice, bread, yoghurt and tomatoes are wasted for different reasons.


Helén Williams is a senior lecturer in Environment and Energy systems at Karlstad university. Her vision is to create knowledge for innovative packaging development that contributes to a sustainable development. Specifically, she wants to understand how packaging attributes can help consumers to act in a manner that reduces the environmental impact of specific food items. The most important attribute of packaging is usually to minimise the waste of the packaged content from production to consumption, see more about the published articles at:  https://www.kau.se/forpackningar-hallbar-utveckling/om-oss/publikationer. PhD Williams is a frequently invited speaker, to inspire and educate in governmental organisations, in companies, and in business and research conferences. She teaches sustainable development at the university and also likes to co-operate with the non-academic society to promote a sustainable development and packaging that reduces food waste. She also organizes the international Packaging Saves Food Research Group that was established in 2016.


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24 January, 2017