Karli Verghese – RMIT University Melbourne

Karli Verghese  – RMIT University Melbourne

The true cost of food waste: the truth is out there

Much focus is paid to ensuring crops are harvested in a timely manner, production lines are running and the business is meeting customer orders. There is little time to step back and see exactly how efficient things are. When this does happen it can reveal a multitude of opportunities to use resources more efficiently, challenge current practices and reduce waste. In this presentation, Karli will share insights gained through the development and deployment of the Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool (DIRECT) and how business in the food supply chain including agriculture, food manufacturing and packaging are discovering the truth and taking positive action.


Associate Professor Karli Verghese is a Principal Research Fellow in the Industrial Design program of the School of Design, RMIT University, Melbourne. Her research projects have included the development of decision support tools for packaging, resource efficiency, food waste, eco-design and one currently being developed for Australia’s Antarctic research station (Casey). Research themes include the role of packaging, packaging sustainability, food loss/waste across supply chains, resource efficiency, waste management, and life cycle assessment.

She is also the REDUCE Program Leader of the proposed Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC.


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7 April, 2017