Marco Lucisano – RISE Bioeconomy

Marco Lucisano – RISE Bioeconomy

Foresight-driven researchand innovation for sustainable packaging

Marco Lucisano is Director for Papermaking and Packaging at RISE Bioeconomy. Marco has M.Sc. degrees in Chemical Engineering from both Politecnico di Milano and KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and a Ph.D. in Pulp and Paper Chemistry and Technology from KTH. Marco has been part of the core team behind all Innventia Global Outlooks, a series of foresight initiatives describing how trends and drivers in business and society intersect with scientific and technical developments in areas relevant for the forest-based sector. The latest study, A Cellulose-Based Society focuses of the role of bio-based materials in the evolution of society towards the circular economy of the future. This framework is particularly relevant for the world of packaging, a field which comes as close to the attributes perceived by consumers as to technical and functional performance


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13 March, 2017