Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen – Nofima

Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen – Nofima

Optimal food packaging saves food, environment and money

Food waste is a challenge in Norway as well as in the rest of the world. Food waste has gained attention. The figures from Norway show that the food waste is reduced.
In Norway, consumers are responsible for appr. 2/3 of the food waste and the reasons to food waste given by the consumer can partly be related to the packaging. Packaging concepts to obtain optimal or increased shelf life may contribute to reduce food waste. At the same time, long shelf life is often related to complex materials, which face challenges regarding recyclability.
During my presentation, I will give some results and examples from research and innovation projects dealing with optimal packaging for reduced food waste and material selection for increased recyclability. I will also include some aspects of challenges and opportunities for the industry, regarding e.g implementation and benefit.

Dr. Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen completed her PhD in 2004 at the University of Life Sciences. She is a senior research scientist at the Nofima Food Research Institute. She holds a position as Associate Professor at the University of Life Science in Ås, and have been supervisor for several Master students and PhD students. As an experience research scientist she is responsible for and managing the packaging research field of the Strategic Research Program FoodMicro-Pack at Nofima.

She have been manager of several research projects (national and European) and currently is the manager of e.g. two national project with several industry partners focusing on packaging and food waste, in which one of the project was awarded with a Packaging Optimization Reward in November 2017. She has published 20 papers in reputed journals and more than 20 papers/proceedings and scientific presentation at international conferences.

Kvalvåg Pettersen is a regular speaker at national and international conferences in relation to food packaging. She was a member of ETP “Food for Life” Scientific Working Group for Food packaging and have participated and member of the Management Committee in different COST actions in relation to packaging.


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1 February, 2018