Mikko Tuominen – RISE

Mikko Tuominen – RISE

Surface modification, surface functionalization and liquid repellence

Mikko Tuominen is a project manager at RISE Bioscience, Materials and Surfaces. He has been with RISE since 2013 and his research is focusing on the development of functional coatings and coating techniques as well as the development of renewable packaging materials.

Mikko holds a D.Sc. in atmospheric plasma treatment in extrusion coating from Tampere University of Technology in Finland. His research areas include:

  • Utilization of liquid flame sprayed (LFS) nanoparticle coating for paper, board and polymer substrates.
  • Surface modification of paper, board and polymer surfaces by atmospheric plasma, flame and corona techniques.
  • Optimization of adhesion between LDPE-coating and paperboard in extrusion coating.

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7 April, 2017