Stanislav Landa – Danish Technological Institute

Stanislav Landa – Danish Technological Institute

Biodegradable biopolymer films for packaging of fresh produce.

Danish Technological Institute and BASF SE Germany will present their latest finding in optimisation of Biodegradable Bioplastic Film packaging for fresh produce.

Stanislav Landa, joined DTI Packaging in 2013 as a graduate student of University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute of Physics, holds a M.Sc. in Physics with specialization in experimental biophysics, works as a Consultant in Packaging Materials at DTI since 2014, performs tasks in multi-physical computer simulations, experimental data processing etc.

Helle Allermann,Senior Consultant in food packaging at DTI Packaging since 2006, has for the last eleven years worked with optimization of packaging for fruits and vegetables in several different projects, holds a M.Sc. in Chemistry with specialization in biotechnology.

Alexander Bardenstein, Product Manager at Packaging and Logistics, Danish Technological Institute, holds M.Sc. Eng. Phys. and Ph.D. in Physics, has 25-year experience in industrially oriented R&D, including broad expertise in development of packaging materials and concepts: plasma processing of packaging materials, microwaveable food packaging, temperature-controlling packaging, oxygen scavengers, antimicrobial packaging, microwave decontamination, sustainable packaging materials.

Peter Pfundtner, Market Development Manager, Europe for Biopolymers, BASF SE, holds M.Sc. Chem. Eng., has 18 years of experience in market and business development of performance chemicals and materials; during the last 5 years focuses on identifying new value propositions within innovative and sustainable use of biopolymers along the food supply chain, such as food packaging.


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8 March, 2017